photo: Yasmeen Anderson

photo: Yasmeen Anderson



Never in a million years would anyone have described me as motivated and disciplined. In my own head, the lack of those character traits translated into laziness. 

In 2009, a friend convinced me to try a triathlon. At the time, my son was four years old and I was a married, stay at home mother in the New York City suburbs. Saying yes to that friend changed my life, but I didn't figure that out until the summer of 2014. 

During that summer of 2009, I did two triathlons and was hooked. Since then, I've completed over 15 multi-sport races. But it's not the racing that changed my life. It was the commitment it took to train for and complete those races. In the years since my first race, I have come to understand, on a very deep level, the immense power one's own mind has over one's physical existence. 

The discipline and realization that with that discipline I could achieve things previously unimagined powered me through recovery from hip surgery in 2014. There was no question that following the surgery I would come back as strong, if not stronger, than before. Again, what I KNEW to be true was indeed true. 

Becoming a personal trainer was born from this as well. If I could find the thing that connected me to a fulfilling and active life (both physically and mentally) surely others can too. Sharing my passion for a well loved mind and body is what gets me out of bed some mornings before dawn to work with people in the gym.

Summer of 2014 brought a life threatening illness for my best friend's son, the death of a young mother in my community (which touched so many so deeply, even those, like me, who did not know her) and the eventual decision to end my 11 year old marriage. 

It's been a wild ride and an awakening and the thing that binds it all together is love. Love of one self, the love of community, and the power we all have to make decisions from that place of love. 

So when life gives you lemons, make sure you greet them with love.