It's Thanksgiving eve, and in between the floor sweeping, tart baking, and playlist making, I'm finding myself reflecting on the many things for which I am thankful. 

As a personal trainer, I spend each day working with people in both body and mind. I watch bodies, I show people what to do with their bodies, and I encourage them to believe that when they know -- in their minds -- that they can hold the plank 10 more seconds, or do a kettlebell swing, or run a mile, they will be successful. It's not about believing, it's about KNOWING. 

I'm acutely aware, however, of the pressure we put on ourselves. On our minds and on our bodies. Men and women alike are guilty of picking themselves apart and focusing on a specific area of their body they don't like and that they want to fix. In addition, we all fall prey to moments of self-doubt, to insecurities, to lack of motivation and discipline and we are all guilty of wallowing in those mind-states from time to time.

But today, on the eve of my favorite holiday, I hope that we all can turn those thoughts around and feel thankful to our bodies and to our minds. Whether you are working out or not, your body is working for you. And if you are indeed pushing your body beyond what you thought you would ever be able to do, even more reason to give thanks. 

Your mind, and its connection to your body and the work your body does, deserves appreciation and gratitude as well. For what is more powerful than the power of the mind, in that it brings your desires into synchronicity with your abilities. 

We are beautiful machines.

Happy Thanksgiving. 

Allison KalschedComment