With progress comes great responsibility.

With progress comes great responsibility. 

This is true of many things, but with regards to our bodies, it's important to stay aware of how our time-saving and technological advances might have adverse effects as well as beneficial ones. 

Technology certainly makes our lives easier, keeps us connected in ways previously unimagined and has had profound effect on medicine, charity, sports, the arts and culture and so much more. On an individual and physical level, however, it's increased the time we spend NOT moving. We're seated and hunched forward while driving. We're seated and rounding our shoulders at our desks. We're extending our necks outward and curling our shoulders inward while we text and play word games on our phones. Our spines are curving outward at the middle back more than they are designed to, and our hips are more forward. No wonder we all experience so much back pain!

In this blog, I'll post some articles and thoughts on ways to help you stay aware of your posture and to counteract some of the effects our modern life has on our bodies.

Stay tuned!

Allison Kalsched